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My Kindle is always by my side!!!

Good day to all my blogging friends and followers, thank you for your views, likes and comments.   Today I want to tell about one of my life obsessions, my Kindle

Kindle and me

my love of reading came later in life than most people which wasn’t until I was in my 20’s.

Like a lot of students I had problems with comprehension starting about 3rd grade so that was why I did not read much when I was younger but I’m not saying I didn’t read for pleasure, I do remember going to the library in the summer time.

When reading started to change for me was when my husband was in the Navy and I was living with my parents.  My mom and aunt would go to the second hand book store and buy romance paperbacks for 5 and 10 cents apiece.  I found some authors that I really liked Madeline Baker and as the years went by my love of reading grew. In 2012 my daughter and son-in-law gave me my first Kindle for Christmas, I never thought that I would enjoy eBooks as much as I do.

I have always enjoyed several genres of books part of that comes from working with 7th and 8th graders trying to help them find books or show them the joy that they could find in a book.  Just a few that I like:


Does age really matter

As I mentioned in my first post I am job less at this time, however, there are some days that I like not having anything to do but what I feel like doing, such as reading or just watching television along with staying in my pajamas all day…LOL!!!

For you to be able to understand I will have to give you some past information on how I ended up with no job and it’s looking like there are no prospects of even finding a company that would hire me.  Something that might be keeping me from finding a job is while working at a junior school about 13 years ago I decided that I wanted to fulfill a wish I had for myself before getting married and having children like many people, was to go to college to earn a degree.  It just so happens that the state that I live in the education board has funding for employees that want to earn a teaching degree the state will pay for tuition.  So I start attending part time while still working at the school district until I was having trouble getting the classes I need at night or in the summer.  I made the decision to leave work then after I only had about 11 hours left my husband lost his job so we had to let out vehicle back, therefore which was the end of me finishing my degree.

Then I started living and watching my grandchildren for my daughters, while living with them I started with a company so I could work at home while the kids were at school.  If you have also looked into some of these companies the jobs they offer are all phone customer service positions, it may have just been me but that gets old really fast.

Job hunting now has become a big disappointment because just submitting resumes online or even applying for positions that I have been told about nothing has come from those either. I have that little nagging feeling in the back of my mind that when they look at my information that red flag of my age is why I am not getting any call backs.  Most of the minimum wage jobs like cashiers would be easy for me get but I am not sure that I am physical able for the standing or lifting that those positions require and a major problem is that I have a transportation problem at this time, need money for vehicle registration and public transportation in my area is not an option, meaning that there is not any.  I found this article awhile back and thought that it fit my dilemma very well:

Question of the day would be: Do you feel that age should be a factor of hiring someone if you were doing the hiring?


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Hello World

Welcome to “My Life in Pjs”, to start with let me give you the reason I chose my blogs name.  First off my name is Paula and it just so happens that my initials are PJS and at this time I am not working (a topic for another day) so changing out of my pajamas is not a decision I even think about on most days.  Not the best of reasons but it does describe my life right now.

My reasons for starting this blog has many thoughts behind it, from just a way to journaling my thoughts on what’s going on in my life or maybe just a random topic that has me feeling something.  By blogging these things I hope to reach out to anyone out there that might be feeling or going through the same things that I am and they might want to share or give advice maybe get laugh from that days post.

My types of post could be really random because of my range of interest is does jump around from day to day but my number one is reading, let just say my Kindle is always near by my side.  Other post could range to what craft project I am working on at that time, a news story or article that grabs my interest, age groups, maybe even grandchildren but most of all will be the details of the ups and downs of just being me.